[Samba] Domain member against Samba+LDAP server configuration problem

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 28 18:42:22 GMT 2006

Javier Barroso escreveu:
> Hi people,
> I have a problem with my configuration. I'd like my debian box was 
> client of
> a Domain (Samba+LDAP)

You can use Samba + Winbind to do that and make you Linux box a domain 
member, but you don't REALLY need it to use a Samba domain with a Linux 

If you have an LDAP backend you probably will have accounts with POSIX 
attributes, this is all that is needed by the Linux "domain member" to 
know about the domain users and authenticate using these account.

You can configure NSS and PAM to use LDAP and then install smbfs (to 
mount the shares), it will install the samba-common package, not the 
samba (server) package, that almost the only thing you must specify 
(trough debconf) is accept password encryption and set the domain name.

You can even automount shares using libpam-mount on logon.


Edmundo Valle Neto

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