[Samba] Samba newbie question

Erik Hertzel ehertzel at airlanco.com
Wed Jun 28 13:00:10 GMT 2006


I am setting up a SAMBA server on a Redhat 8 Linux box.  I have gotten 
it set up and can ping the server and do have SAMBA installed on the 
machine.  I have gotten SWAT set up and can access the SAMBA server on a 
Windows PC on the network going through SWAT.  But, I can't see the 
SAMBA server yet in my Network Places.  I have set up the smb.conf file 
and changed the workgroup to the right name and have set the hostname 
for the SAMBA server.  I just can't see it.  I have disabled the 
iptables and still can't see it.

Then, once I get that far, I am having problems getting the shares 
setup.  I just need one share for a new hard drive that I set up (the 
server has two hard drives, the 10 GIG is for the LINUX redhat 
installations, etc...) and the 80 GIG (hdb) is for my SAMBA file 
server.  How do I set the share up with the hdb so I can see it and copy 
files to it from a Windows box on the same workgroup?



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