[Samba] Group permissions and recursion

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Jun 28 00:40:38 GMT 2006

> > Here's the problem, a member of 'CATNET\adm staff' cannot access a
> > file for which 'CATNET\adm' has r/w access
> > (group:CATNET\134adm:rwx).  But if

FWIW, this works here (Samba 3.0.21rc2), but I did need 'winbind nested
groups = yes' first.  I don't seem to have changed much else in
smb.conf that might affect this.

> Try logging on as the specific user and then calling the 'id' command
> to see what groups you're in. They're the ones that winbindd is
> giving you (and the same ones smbd will be using).

This however, *doesn't* work.  Running 'id' only tells me I'm a member
of "DOMAIN\domain users" but it doesn't list *any* other groups I'm a
member of.

But Samba still gives me access if a group containing a group
containing me has permission.


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