[Samba] Full Logout of Samba Share (from XP)

Ben bluey at iguanaworks.net
Tue Jun 27 19:13:37 GMT 2006

How can I logout of a samba share from Windows XP (without logging out 
the user on XP client)?

I've got a samba 3.0.14 running on debian sarge in user=security mode. 
When I to file run "\\server" from a windows XP client, I get prompted 
for a username / password and everything works fine. If I run "net use" 
on the XP machine it may or may not show the connection to the server.  
(Don't know what affects that -- what shares I'm connected to?). But if 
I run "net use * /del" it disconnects from all the shares it sees. After 
this "net use" does not show any connected shares. If, however, I 
connect to the samba server (file run "\\server") it doesn't not prompt 
for a username / password but connects as the user from the original 
login. Windows is not saving the password -- if I logout from XP and log 
back it, I'm asked for a username/password again. Somehow the XP client 
is staying connected to the samba server. How can I force a disconnect? 
The samba server it setup (and works) to handle domain logons (does that 
matter?), but most clients run certain programs constantly and (want) 
just log in and out to access their files.



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