[Samba] Samba and DOS databases (oplock settings not getting same results as under NT4)

Gerald Drouillard gerrylist at drouillard.ca
Tue Jun 27 17:34:48 GMT 2006

Robert Mortimer wrote:
> Before you reply note I have read the op-locks bit of the samba manual
> We have a micro-focus Cobol (dos) database that ran on an old Novell server.
> When we moved to NT4 performance bombed. We added the correct registry keys
> to turn off op-locks on the NT4 server and all was OK for the next 6 years.
> We have no moved to SAMBA but we can not get it to perform as well as our
> old NT machine despite a huge hardware boost.
> With Oplocks on performance is OK but we get more record locks than we used
> to and often as the user moves to a new task there is a long delay
> (presumably as other peoples op-locks are broken and the data is cached
> locally)
> With Oplocks off the performance is unacceptable. Reports that were taking
> 10 min on the old NT4 machine are now taking over an hour to run.
> Using the sysinternal tools I see that the dos application is attempting to
> lock individual portions of the data files. Is this possible on Samba
> running on an ext3 file system. Is this a problem with samba of should I
> look at my underlying file system. Any pointers welcome.
> I am going to do some benchmarking over the next week all suggestions
> welcome
> We are running FC4 with samba-3.0.14a on the default ext3 filesystem.
> Regards Robert
Try this:
	lock spin time = 15
	lock spin count = 100

You may have to disable some oplock settings on the client also.  Have a 
look at:
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