[Samba] multiple domains/ ldap /smbldap_search function/pdbedit/

Didier Roques Didier.Roques at brive.unilim.fr
Tue Jun 27 12:42:24 GMT 2006

>the organization is:
>1)ou=People,dc=univ,dc=fr  (the first domain)
And your answer is here! dc=univ,dc=fr includes EVERYTHING - domain2 and
domain3 and of course People,Groups from the top of LDAP tree.

This for example consists ONLY with EVERYTHING in subtree:
ou=domain2,dc=univ,dc=fr - that's why if you try and change samba "ldap
suffix = ou=domain2,dc=univ,dc=fr - it will work OK. You will ONLY see
people,groups and whatever you have but from this particular subtree.


Sorry i've made a mistake:
the three domains:
2)ou=People,dc=domain2,dc=univ,dc=fr (dc and not ou)
2)ou=People,dc=domain3,dc=univ,dc=fr (dc and not ou)

and i thought samba search only into the People branch under the suffix
ldap mentioned into the smb.conf dc=univ,dc=fr and not under the other one

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