SOLVED! Re: [Samba] Files are being saved as read-only

Logan Shaw lshaw at
Mon Jun 26 23:10:08 GMT 2006

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Rob Tanner wrote:
> It turns out that the problem is a Microsoftism since it only happens with 
> Office documents.  It also tiurns out that only if  profile acls is set to 
> 'yes' in smb.conf do you see the problem.  Set it to 'no' and no problem. 
> Wierd eh??

I believe I remember hearing somewhere that, instead of (the Win32
equivalent of) "open(); write(); write(); write(); close();", lots
of MS products first create a new file, then write the save data
to the new file, then remove the old file, then rename the new to
have the same name as the old[1].

The point being, when these apps are saving a file, they're not
updating an existing file; instead, they're CREATING a new file.
So, I would check if new files are created read-only by default;
maybe that is the real problem.

   - Logan

[1] There is some benefit to this approach: you've always
     got a complete copy of the file on disk at any given time,
     for one thing.

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