[Samba] Samba WINS Questions

Vincent Fonteneau fonteneau at dynetcom.fr
Mon Jun 26 08:08:22 GMT 2006


I'm using Samba 3.0.21c with PDC and severals BDC in different subnets.

I'm triing to use Wins servers on all the BDC servers and on the PDC. 
The problems occurs in the network browsing.
I'm able to see all computers with the PDC on the different subnets but 
I just can see local servers in the network neighborhood on BDC

When starting BDC i've got the "unable to find the domain master" 
message log error. I've tried the remote annouce and remote browse sync 
option without success.

The Samba's docs show how to configure DMB and LMB with domain master 
option. Is it possible to get DMB from different machine than the PDC ? 
When putting Domain master = no the server is automatically BDC in the 
network. I've configured PDC and then while see the log.nmbd i can see 
that PDC goes first as the domain master and after few secondes came 
with Local master. Is it normal ? The PDC runs with Os level = 255 and 
BDC with 248. Local master option is yes on all servers.

Remote announce and remote brose sync are options to synchronize LMB 
with others LMB, and not DMB is it right ?

How to synchronize all Wins server (PDC to all BDC) on different subnets 
when I want to go with one wins server per site and is it possible ? I 
understand now that wins is using to pass routers when triing to send 
netbios informations between subnets, and i'm afraid that PDC and BDC 
can't communicate both without configuring one wins server option on one 
server and wins client on the others servers ???

Thanks for help


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