[Samba] Rename computer in a domain

Marco D'Ettorre marco.dettorre at sys-net.it
Fri Jun 23 12:29:59 GMT 2006

    when I try to rename a win200x/XP client joined in a Samba domain, I 
get an error (Access is denied), although the user I put in the dialog 
box has privilege to do it.
In LDAP log I see that Samba does first a search with the old machine 
name, after it does a search with new machine name, but the entry does 
not exists on LDAP then it stops with an error.
I then tried to clone the old entry with a new one, changing uid and the 
other attributes. It works. Looking at LDAP logs, I see that Samba 
modifies only one attribute in the new entry (displayname).

I think that I should run an external script to create the LDAP entry 
before Samba can do the operation. But how can I do this?
The script in "add machine script" smb.conf key is not executed during 
this operation, only joining a new machine.

Samba version is 3.0.10, on a linux centos4 box.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot

Ing. Marco D’Ettorre

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