[Samba] linux_set_kernel_oplock: Refused oplock on file. F_SETLEASE semantic problem ?

Cedric Delfosse cedric.delfosse at linbox.com
Fri Jun 23 07:05:11 GMT 2006

James Kosin a écrit :
> Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>>  - there is only one application (a CAO drawing tool) for which only 
>>> some files causes a violation error, even with kernel oplocks = No. 
>>> Looks like there was an interaction with the SAMBA-VSCAN module (version 
>>> 0.3.6b) somewhere, as disabling this module removed the violation error.
>> Interesting. If that the latest version of vscan ?
>> Jeremy.
> It is the latest, although 0.4.0 has been released as a snapshot.  I
> think maybe his problem is he may be using an older compiled version of
> SAMBA-VSCAN that has not been compiled for the new version of SAMBA
> installed.
> I do know the source for vscan requires integration with the correct
> version of samba; otherwise, unpredictable results happen.


The SAMBA-VSCAN module I use has been compiled against the installed 
SAMBA version. AFAIR SAMBA doesn't load a VFS module that has a 
mismatched version.

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