[Samba] Share is read-only despite read only = no

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Fri Jun 23 06:13:48 GMT 2006

> PID     Username      Group         Machine
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> 37921   gdunn01       Domain Users  dev-gdunn    (

> ma21cab5# smbcacls //ma21cab5/data foo/asdfas -U gdunn01

It looks like you're connected as "gdunn01" but only "HARRIS\gdunn01"
is allowed write access (assuming HARRIS is your domain and not your
PC's name) - i.e. these appear to be two separate users. When I run
smbstatus it lists usernames as DOMAIN\user, so unless they've changed
this in 3.0.22 that could be the problem.

You can also try running "chmod 777 /mnt/data" to allow full access to
the share.  If you then create a file through Samba, check its
permissions and see if it's owned by the user you expect.


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