[Samba] Winbindd dies in samba 64 bit solaris9

Schreiber, Martin martin.a.schreiber at siemens.com
Thu Jun 22 11:53:54 GMT 2006

Hello List  !!

We have a strange und urgent problem ....

OS = solaris9 , sparc
Samba	= v3.0.21a , selfcompiled with gcc 3.4.3 with option "-m64"

We use that server as a backupserver for xp-clients , all about 300
users, disk capacity is about 1.6 Terra
Strange behaviour occured after upgrade from samba 3.0.14a 32
bit(normal) to samba 3.0.21a 64 bit. Smb.conf remained the same , also
all under ./var/locks. Starting and connecting to domain didnt show any
error, filetransfer bigger then 2GB no problem , all seemed well..., but
in "real life" problems showed up, winbindd is dying several times a day
and needs to be restarted. Also i had to disable any locking in smb.conf
espacially posix locking.That seems to be a 2GB issue in solaris too.
Winbind functionallity is essential for us , because access is only
handled via net groupmapping from ADS, no local users in /etc/passwd.
Are there any known issues with version 3.0.21a and solaris 64 bit ?.

Any help or hints would be very appreciated

Kind regards	Martin Schreiber

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