Fw: [Samba] computer outside domain can access resource to inside

Ian Clancy ClancyIan at cel.ie
Thu Jun 22 09:15:55 GMT 2006

If you read the "Handling of Foreign SIDs" in Chapter 23 of the how to 
this will explain why you need winbind. If you have winbind running then 
yes, your theory is correct (with the exception that more recent 
versions of samba allow you to delegate the addition of users to the 
domain to other users).
Hope this helps.

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syamsu alam wrote:

> Thank's for you Guys, Wolfgang and Ian,
> I think I will try to read about Winbind and implement it in my PDC.
> But, what do you think about my theory. Is it right ?
> "Users cannot access resources in the network if they don't join to 
> Domain. And, only administrator with root user+password can make users 
> joined to Domain"
> Thanks
> SA

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