[Samba] Second SAMBA Server different NETBIOS alias and shares for ClearCase

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Wed Jun 21 15:51:10 GMT 2006

That sounds like a fairly typical use of Samba. The easiest way to do
this is to use the SWAT wizard to make the server a member server. Being
a member server means that domain authentication is handled by a domain
controller, not by the member server.

Kdeiss, Raymond E. wrote:
> We might not have been clear in our question. I will try to explain what we
> are trying to do.
> We have a SAMBA Server (Solaris) utilizing an LDAP backend for user
> authentication. The Samba server serves PCs for authentication and it serves
> Samba filesystem shares. We want to be able to create a second samba server
> (Solaris) that can be a member of the domain and also serves shares to PCs
> and only serves shares to PC. The second SAMBA server does not need to be
> responsible for PC logging / Authentication.
> Is that possible and have can I make that second UNIX server a member of the
> domain?
> Thanks
> Raymond Kdeiss
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> Hoferer, Patrick K. wrote:
>> I have a SAMBA Server utilizing an LDAP backend for user authentication 
>> and it works great unless I use ClearCase. When ClearCase is used the 
>> compilation time for our code is slowed down to a crawl and the 
>> ClearCase application is rendered nearly useless. As a test fix my boss 
>> wants me to create a second SAMBA server to be used for only the 
>> ClearCase server.
>> I don't know if this will work, but I may be able to accomplish my task 
>> if I set the "os level" lower than my primary SAMBA server set the SID 
>> to the same as my existing server. I then change the "netbios alias" to 
>> "clearcase". I'll then add my views and vobs through either NFS or SANS 
>> client to the ClearCase SAMBA server. This way if a workstation using 
>> ClearCase needs  to use the \\clearcase\views share it will utilize the 
>> ClearCase SAMBA server not the primary server. All authentication 
>> should remain through my LDAP server since I did not change the SIDs 
>> for my server or user accounts.
>> If this plan sound feasible please let me know. If it sounds like I may 
>> break my existing architecture let me know. If you have better 
>> suggestions I am looking for any help.
>> Thank you for your time,
>> Patrick Hoferer
> I don't think you're being very clear. In Windows terms, you log into a
> domain, not a server. It sounds like you want to maintain the same
> authentication but split an application off onto a different server to
> improve performance. However, it's not clear if you want to use Samba or NFS
> to share the files. I'm going to assume that the new server will be
> providing file services through Samba.
> If you want the ClearCase server to use the same authentication, just make
> it a member server in your existing domain. Stop the ClearCase Samba shares
> on the old server and start them on the new one.

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