[Samba] Printer comments and other weirdness

Steven Cardinal steven.cardinal at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 13:27:24 GMT 2006

For lack of a better solution, I deleted my ntprinters.tdb, restarted smbd
to build a new one, and relinked my printers to drivers. It would be nice to
know where Samba is caching that information, though. We use the Comment and
Location fields to help our end users locate the printer and to understand
some of it capabilities (duplex, color, etc). If we have to move a printer
or we add a duplexer, rebuilding all of the printers to correct the comments
is a real downer.


On 6/20/06, Adam Nielsen <adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au> wrote:
> > Now, a few days later, I'm looking at my printers and I notice that
> > the comments that show up on the print shares themselves still reflect
> > some old data I originally entered. The comments appear correct under
> > Printers and Faxes, but not directoy under the server, nor in the view
> > that my users will access using the Add a Printer Wizard.
> I've got the same problem with the server comments.  I added a comment
> to the Samba server (server string = blah) which appeared straight
> away, but when I saw how it appeared on the client machines I removed
> it.  That was eight months ago, and the client PCs are still showing
> the old server string - so I've given up now and decided to live with
> it, as it's being cached somewhere but I haven't the faintest idea
> where.
> Cheers,
> Adam.

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