[Samba] Stange printer driver problem

Nicki Messerschmidt, Linksystem Muenchen GmbH samba at alienn.net
Wed Jun 21 06:50:36 GMT 2006

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter said the following:
> Nicki Messerschmidt wrote:
>>> The problem is that I don't quite know how to 
>>> upload the cups driver via the windows gui. It is not
>>> as easy as using the apw...
> Why use the cups driver ?  You can use a Win32 driver
> on a raw queue for Windows clients and a cups driver
> for cups clients.
We only have one printer but this one has several paper feeders. In cups
I have configured three printers (one for each feeder). Using the cups
driver I have three printers with three printer driver names (normal,
business, secondpage). This way I can set defaults for each printer
If I use the vendor driver (Kyocera FS1800) I only have one driver
(fs1800) and can only set one set of defaults.
I need the first setup for our internal access application as there is
no possibility to select the right feeder of a printer through Visual
Basic. You can only select the appropriate printer...

And this setup worked for quite a while now, but with samba 3.0.22 and
cups 1.2.1 I have a problem.

What makes me wonder is that I have the same problem using the cups5
printer drivers. I know that these are working like a charm using samba
3.0.14 with cups 1.2.1. There has to be something within samba that
won't tell windows what the correct driver is.

Is there anyway easy way to debug this?


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