[Samba] Printer comments and other weirdness

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Jun 21 02:18:34 GMT 2006

> Now, a few days later, I'm looking at my printers and I notice that
> the comments that show up on the print shares themselves still reflect
> some old data I originally entered. The comments appear correct under
> Printers and Faxes, but not directoy under the server, nor in the view
> that my users will access using the Add a Printer Wizard.

I've got the same problem with the server comments.  I added a comment
to the Samba server (server string = blah) which appeared straight
away, but when I saw how it appeared on the client machines I removed
it.  That was eight months ago, and the client PCs are still showing
the old server string - so I've given up now and decided to live with
it, as it's being cached somewhere but I haven't the faintest idea


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