[Samba] Some questions about ./configure and smb.conf options

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jun 20 15:18:30 GMT 2006

Daniel Carmo Olops wrote:

> - What's about the --with-fhs option? In raw words,
> does it configures Samba to install configuration
> files in /etc/, var files in /var, and so on?

Basically, but i would suggest looking at the
RHEL spec file in packaging for an example
of how to use it.

> - What does the --with-smbwrapper option stands for?
> When I use it, I get `make` errors (Samba 3.0.23rc2 on
> Debian Sarge 3.1).

Doesn't work on Linux.  Will probably be removed

> - Is the --with-pam option useful only in setups with
> share level security?

No.  See 'obey pam restrictions' in smb.conf(5) for details.

> - What's the difference between --with-quotas and
> --with-sys-quotas? I want to enable User quotas on a
> XFS partition (no LVM, no RAID), so what option suits
> my need?

I'd stick with --with-quotas since this will automatically
test the sysquota internal interface as part of the
configure checks.

> - The --with-aio-support was claimed "experimental" on
> Samba 3.0.20. Now it's production-ready? And I
> couldn't find definitions on the "aio read size", "aio
> write size" and "aio write behind" options in the
> smb.conf man page...

It's still experimental.

> - Is the "ea support" option in smb.conf useful for
> Windows clients, or only to OS/2 ones?

Only OS/2.

> - The "inherit acls" and "inherit permissions" seems
> very similar to me. I'm new to POSIX ACLs, so I'm
> stuck in this one...

Inherit acls is for inheriting default acls on directories.
Inherit permissions works on systems without acls or
directories without default acls. Inherit acls takes
precedence over inherit permissions.

cheers, jerry
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