[Samba] Some questions about ./configure and smb.conf options

Daniel Carmo Olops danielolops at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jun 20 14:55:44 GMT 2006

(sorry for my English, it's not soooo good...)

I'm playing fair well with Samba, but I've always
installed it via apt-get, and now I want to install it
from source, which allows me to create optimized and
updated binaries. Plus, I want to optimize my smb.conf
for my scenario. 

As a result, I've got several questions about some
./configure and smb.conf options that I don't
understand exactly what they do and when or how to
use, so I'd like to get help. There are plenty of
them, so please be patient :-) Here they go:


- What's about the --with-fhs option? In raw words,
does it configures Samba to install configuration
files in /etc/, var files in /var, and so on?

- What does the --with-smbwrapper option stands for?
When I use it, I get `make` errors (Samba 3.0.23rc2 on
Debian Sarge 3.1).

- Is the --with-pam option useful only in setups with
share level security?

- What's the difference between --with-quotas and
--with-sys-quotas? I want to enable User quotas on a
XFS partition (no LVM, no RAID), so what option suits
my need?

- The --with-aio-support was claimed "experimental" on
Samba 3.0.20. Now it's production-ready? And I
couldn't find definitions on the "aio read size", "aio
write size" and "aio write behind" options in the
smb.conf man page...


- Is the "ea support" option in smb.conf useful for
Windows clients, or only to OS/2 ones?

- The "inherit acls" and "inherit permissions" seems
very similar to me. I'm new to POSIX ACLs, so I'm
stuck in this one...


That's all for now. Thanks in advance for help.


Daniel Olops

"Tudo o que sei é que não sei de nada" (Sócrates)

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