[Samba] svn and samba - make file writable problems

Tom Haerens tom.haerens at sofico.be
Mon Jun 19 12:25:21 GMT 2006


A couple of weeks ago, we moved from a Samba 2.2x to a 3.0.x server.
Everything works fine, except our svn.

SVN is not able to make a file writable. 
However, we can change the read-only flag manually on a Windows XP client.

When we try to lock a file with TurtoiseSVN, we get the following error
Error: Can't get default file perms for file at 
'//sambaserver/mweb/Sites/svntest2/x.pbl' (file stat error): Access is 

I think it's a samba problem, because we didn't have these problems on the 
old samba server and we don't have them on a Windows share.

The smb.conf looks like this for the milesweb share:

   comment = Milesweb Folder
   path = /x/MILESWEB
   write list = @MILESWEB
   force user = pvcswi
   force group = MILESWEB
   create mask = 0775
   writeable = yes

Can somebody helps us out?

Thank you very much!!

Kind Regards,


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