[Samba] file permissions

John Halfpenny jhalfpenny at excite.com
Mon Jun 19 15:04:43 GMT 2006

hi all.

apologies for the double post, i omitted the subject line (doh!)

i've installed samba with samba-vscan. the only way i can get this combination to work is to set permissions on the folder to be at least drwx---r-- (or in other words, the windows owner has full permissions, groups have none, other has read - this lets vscan work).

i also need to serve webpages from within these folders as the apache user, so this permission suits that too- 

however, i'm curious as to what the 'other' group refers to in a samba context. can anyone explain to me if i've made a security risk in doing this? ie. will any windows users other than the owner be able to look in this folder? if it simply refers to local nix users being able to read then i'm not concerned about that as there aren't any!



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