[Samba] shadowLastChange not updated

Plant, Dean dean.plant at roke.co.uk
Mon Jun 19 11:55:40 GMT 2006

Paul-Erik Törrönen wrote:
> Hello,
> We have an otherwise working Samba PDC+LDAP setup but for one minor
> detail. The shadowLastChange is not updated when the user sets his
> password from a Windows workstation (all the necessary Samba*-fields
> as well as userPassword is updated in LDAP).
> We've enabled 'ldap passwd sync = Yes' in smb.conf.
> slapd.conf contains the appropriate access rule for the said field.
> The 'passwd' command correctly updates the shadowLastChange-field, but
> enabling the 'unix password sync = yes' leads to the same problems
> reported by mikec a month and a half ago.
> We're running CentOS 4.3 with the latest updates as well as
> smbldap-tools from february 2005 by Idealix. Looking through the
> source of the latest versions of these two, I can't find any mention
> of the shadowLastChange field, which leads me to think that this
> still is not touched in any way by either software in their latest
> version (3.0.23 and 0.9.2).
> Googling I only found some references to ldapchpasswd but my
> understanding is that this was mainly used by Samba 2.0?
> How should the update of shadowLastChange field be handled with Samba
> 3.0?

This worked for me.



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