[Samba] Excluding redirected directories causes file deletion on logout...

Jeff Ross jross at wykids.org
Fri Jun 16 20:02:25 GMT 2006


Samba:  samba-3.0.21
OS:     OpenBSD

I built a new WinXP (sp2 and fully updated) box with the the idea of 
making a Default User profile.  I followed the directions in the "Making 
Happy Users" section of the Samba-3 By Example guide.


Folder redirection is working, using the 
%LOGONSERVER%\profiles\%USERNAME%\ string to replace %USERPROFILE%.

But, when I use gpedit.mmc to exclude the redirected folders from the 
roaming profile, as instructed here


all files in the redirected folders are deleted when the user logs out.

In other words, if a user logs in, downloads the firefox installer and 
saves it on the desktop, I can immediately see it in that user's 
/profiles/Desktop directory on the Samba server.  When the user logs out, 
the firefox installer is deleted from the /profiles/Desktop directory and 
obviously no longer on the Desktop when the user logs in again.

This surely can't be correct, but I don't know if this is a documentation 
problem, a Windows problem, or a samba problem.  If instead of putting the 
folders I redirected in the exclusion box, I _disable_ the whole "Exclude 
directories in roaming profile" option, I don't get the file deletion 
problem, however, I also then see the redirected folders copied to the 
users computer on login.

I put a copy of my smb.conf and a level 5 log of a new user logging in, 
getting and using the Default User profile, copying the firefox installer 
from /apps to his Desktop and then logging off on our web site


Many thanks,

Jeff Ross
Wyoming Children's Action Alliance

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