[Samba] sid mapping

Hoogstraten, Ton Ton.Hoogstraten at ingram.nl
Thu Jun 15 16:13:59 GMT 2006

Is there a way that I can static map SIDs for users and groups to specific
UID/GID with samba winbind? My Goal is during a migration from NT4 to AD we
are having problems with the users accessing the NT4 joined samba shares. If
I could identity the SIDs and have them mapped out to the UID/GID is it then
possible to trick the samba server to auth both domains as the same accounts
for samba?
Eventually when the server gets migrated I'll have to redo the Winbind
setup. I was thinking of using the LDAP backend then to avoid 3 samba
servers having different userid mappings.
Kind regards,
Ton Hoogstraten

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