[Samba] shadowLastChange not updated

Paul-Erik Törrönen paul-erik.torronen at cardinal.fi
Thu Jun 15 10:26:29 GMT 2006


We have an otherwise working Samba PDC+LDAP setup but for one minor
detail. The shadowLastChange is not updated when the user sets his
password from a Windows workstation (all the necessary Samba*-fields as
well as userPassword is updated in LDAP).

We've enabled 'ldap passwd sync = Yes' in smb.conf.

slapd.conf contains the appropriate access rule for the said field.

The 'passwd' command correctly updates the shadowLastChange-field, but
enabling the 'unix password sync = yes' leads to the same problems
reported by mikec a month and a half ago.

We're running CentOS 4.3 with the latest updates as well as
smbldap-tools from february 2005 by Idealix. Looking through the source
of the latest versions of these two, I can't find any mention of the
shadowLastChange field, which leads me to think that this still is not
touched in any way by either software in their latest version (3.0.23
and 0.9.2).

Googling I only found some references to ldapchpasswd but my
understanding is that this was mainly used by Samba 2.0?

How should the update of shadowLastChange field be handled with Samba

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