[Samba] win2003 Permission Denied

Peter Lauda plauda at rx30.com
Thu Jun 15 19:14:40 GMT 2006

Listed and answered on many email lists and tech sites but not a single
one seems to correct the problem I have encountered.

I'm not used to dealing much with samba so please help me understand
what is going on here.

I want to mount a share from a win 2003 server. On our old 2.4.21 EL
kernel I could mount the share but got "stale file handle" messages.
Research told me that was because of some buggy issues in the smb client
parts of 2.4. So I bit the bullet and updated the server to the recent
RH kernel. smbd is version 3.0.6-2.3E and I assume that means
all the client pieces are as well. After installing the 2.6 kernel I
mount the share and try to list files and I get ls: .: Permission

When I look for THAT error message in groups and posts there's all KINDS
of confusing information. So I assume this is the group to ask these

1. Is this something I'm doing wrong?

2. If not how do I get access to the win2003 share so I can 'cp' files
to the RH 2.6 server?

Wits end here so any tips or advice greatly appreciated.


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