[Samba] Removing Samba+LDAP, replacing W2k3+AD

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Wed Jun 14 19:35:36 GMT 2006

> So my question is this:  Can I bring up a Windows 2k3
> machine as a member server in the Samba domain.  Promote 
> it to become an AD Domain Controller in mixed mode - 
> retaining the domain SID, user and machine accounts 
> and such so that I do not have to touch my workstations

Oh, that sounds like an exercise in banging your head against the wall.

I have done similar migrations. You will want to use Microsoft's Active Directory Migration Tool. You'll also want to investigate the moveuser.exe utility available from Microsoft. Both can be downloaded from Microsoft.com. I've written extensively on the forums how to use these to go from Samba to ADS; search for it. Keywords to look for:

* Active Directory Migration Tool
* Jonathan Johnson (hey! That's me!)
* moveuser or moveuser.exe (may or may not be useful)

The big advantage of ADMT is that it will migrate user permissions and profiles such that the migration is relatively transparent to the users.

Once you've found & read the documentation, feel free to drop me a line if you have any more questions. (If it's obvious to me that you didn't read the docs, I might not respond. :-)

-Jonathan Johnson
jon at sutinen.com

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