[Samba] Export Samba mount using nfs

Luis Rodrigues luis at ess.co.at
Wed Jun 14 08:51:33 GMT 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 17:52:17 +1000
Adam Nielsen <adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au> wrote:

> > I Have an Windows server A with with I smbmount into B. Than I what to
> > share with nfs from B into the rest.
> So when workstation X starts copying files off B, it's actually getting
> the files from A?

Yes, that is correct. 

This is because A and B and on a Gigabit network. B is also in an
100Mbs Network with a lot other machines. Since some people (sometimes) need data from A I need this

> > Do you have this working?
> Yep, like Gary says, just set it up like you normally would.  Don't
> forget that you probably need to mount the share *before* you load the
> NFS server, otherwise you'll share the empty mountpoint instead of the
> actual files (yes, even once you mount the folder with smbmount the NFS
> server will continue to share the empty mountpoint until you restart
> it.)

I did, the problem is that on server X i  mount:
mount B:/TERABYTE local_dir
I get
mount: B:/TERABYTE failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

On B's fstab I have:
//A/terabyte  /TERABYTE     smbfs   dmask=0777,fmask=0666,username=genuser,password=genuser 1 1
On B's exports I have:
/TERABYTE *(rw,sync)

Any ideas?



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