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bjquinn at seidal.com bjquinn at seidal.com
Tue Jun 13 14:25:12 GMT 2006

>Oplock's tells the Windows Client he can cache the requestet file on
>local machine.
>Should the Client change the File (or another Client would do this) the
>Lock must released by the first Client, or Samba break's the Lock after
>a certain time he doesn't become the Lock back.
>When you take the Settings in your Share Section with the Database File,
>then this Settings work only on this Share.
>So helped this?

No, this setting alone didn't seem to make any difference, although (as
suggested by Gerald, the following settings created about a 15% speedup
(down to about 55 seconds from 65 seconds on a baseline FoxPro query that
we've been using to test speed).

	use sendfile = no
	lock spin time = 15
	lock spin count = 30
	oplocks = no
	level2 oplocks = no

That's an improvement, but still nowhere near what speeds I think I ought
to be getting, and still nowhere near the 10-15 seconds the same query
takes if the .dbf files reside on a Windows server with similar or worse

>> Ok well along those lines, here's another thing that I've noticed since I
>> first posted.  I had been getting ~940Mb/s in iperf, so I didn't think it
>> was a network or NIC specific issue.  I was using "mount -t cifs" and
>> "rsync -a --stats --progress" to gauge my speed, which is where I was
>Sorry, i didn't understand you.
>You have mounted from a different Linux Workstation this Share, or did
>you mount a Share from the Windows Workstation?

>From my linux server where I'm doing these tests, I mounted a Windows
share through cifs (also tried smbfs) and copied files to it from the
server's hard drive.  That was surprisingly slow, never above 20 MB/s, and
rarely above 15 MB/s.  Although that's a bit disconcerting (and maybe it
has something to do with my problem), if I don't worry about mounting a
windows share and just copy files from the server to the windows machine
through Windows Explorer on the windows machine, I get 50-60 MB/s, which
is plenty fast for now, and I think the hard drive on the server is the
bottleneck at this point.

>>> Have you testet your Diskthrouput with bonnie (or such Tools)?
>> Yes, and I'm getting at least 50-60 MB/s (probably now my bottleneck),
>> although I've set up an SAS raid array that ought to get much faster than
>> that, but doesn't - however that's a question for another mailing list!
>And without a RAID Array, only a Simple Disk?

Yes, it's a 10K RPM SATA WD Raptor drive.  As single disks come, they're
pretty fast.

>Maybe a Problem with the RAID Controller or your Bussystem?

Very possibly, although I think it's a problem with the AIC94xx driver in
the kernel.  Since my RAID array is actually running slightly slower than
my single disk, it's probably either the driver, or possibly the
controller card itself, as you suggested.

>What Kind of Mainboard?

Asus P5WDG2-WS

>What Bussystem, PCI (PCI-X should be much better for a huge Performance
>in a Gigabit Environment)?

PCI-E x4 actually, for the onboard dual gigabit network card.  Iperf
results in plenty fast speeds (~940 Mb/s).

>How long take a time dd count=1000000 bs=1024 if=/dev/zero

Regardless of file size, this test results fairly consistently in about a
55 MB/s speed on the single drive and 45-50 MB/s on the RAID array.

-BJ Quinn

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