[Samba] pdbedit "disconnect time"

Daniel Martin dmartin at getnet-tecnologia.com.br
Mon Jun 12 14:29:28 GMT 2006

I´m using samba as a PDC and I am testing pdbedit policies, but I´m 
having a hard time trying to use de pdbedit disconnect time. I´ve 
already set it to "0" (on).

I used the NT usrmgr configuration tool to set specific times during the 
day that users would be able to login.  (Coldn´t find a way to do it 
using the logon hours FFFFFF...)
After doing this I checked the logon hours using ./pdbedit -LV user, and 
it had changed. so far so good...

The way I understood, it was suppoused to disconnect the user if he/she 
were still connected during the disconnect time.

For example. I configured an account to be able to login from 10:00 am 
to 11:00 am. The user loged in 10:30. If the user were still logged 
after 11:00am, the policy was supposed to kill the users session, or 
something like this. But it´s not working

Any ideas?

Debian 3.0
Kernel 2.4,27
Samba 3.0.22
Ldap 2.1.30-2



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