[Samba] profiles share - nfs mount options

Samuel Adams jipajapa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 13:06:04 GMT 2006


I'm running Samba 3.0.22 with Openldap 2.3.23 on Solaris 9 (patched fairly
recently). My intent is to use this system as a domain controller (there is
a similar system configured as a BDC). Samba authentication with ldap is
working fine but I'm having problems with roaming profiles. I'd like to
mount my profiles share from a seperate file server (also Solaris 9) so that
I can using the same profiles share for both my primary and backup domain
controllers. The profiles share works great if I use it off the local system
but for some reason - it doesn't work at all as an nfs mount. My Windows
client can't find it. I thought maybe I would need special options or maybe
there is a better way. I'm regrettably stuck with Solaris - I'm fairly
certain all this would have been much easier on Linux.

Does anyone know what options/permissions are required to mount a samba
profiles share using nfs - such that user profiles will work properly for
Windows clients? I would prefer to do this as securely as possible - if
there is a better option than nfs (for Solaris) - I would certainly love to
hear about it.

Many thanks for reading,
Sam Adams

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