[Samba] Can samba hide symlinks?

Matthew Schumacher schu at design-pt.com
Wed Jun 14 02:03:35 GMT 2006

I am using samba to pull a backup of my linux host over the network so I
made the following share:

  comment = share for veritas
  path = /
  valid users = root
  read only = yes
  dont descend = proc dev mnt lost+found sys
  follow symlinks = no
  hide unreadable = yes

The root user is mapped to administrator and the samba host is on the
domain, so the windows box logs on and pulls it's backup just fine
except for when it gets to a symlink it gets 'access denied' which
causes veritas to throw a fit.

What I would really like here is to just not show symlinks in this
share.  That would eliminate the data from being backed up twice where
there is a symlink, and it would also never return 'access denied' which
would make veritas not suck as much.

Any ideas?


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