[Samba] Windows XP and Samba 3.0.22 -- don't mix?

Roger Lucas roger at planbit.co.uk
Tue Jun 13 20:13:11 GMT 2006

> > I navigate through Windows Explorer to My Network Places and so on until
> > I get to the server.  I open up a folder on the server.  I execute the
> > 'ps auxwww | grep mbd' and sure enough, there's the share.  The
> > smbstatus command confirms this.  Now, I close out that Windows Explorer
> > window I have open to the server.  However, a 'ps auxwww | grep mbd'
> > shows that there is still a connection open to this folder.... an
> > smbstatus confirms....  After a few minutes, the user for that pid
> > changes to root, and the process just sits in there forever, sucking up
> > 0.9% of memory.  This happens with EVERY share Windows opens, and when
> > it gets in this state, I can't open any new shares.  I've tried using
> > the "deadtime" option to kill these...no dice, they still hang around.
> > In fact, the only thing that gets rid of them is a 'killall -9 smbd'.

Are you sure that the Windows XP machine has closed the connection to the
SAMBA server?  Try the "net use" command on the XP machine to find out.  My
XP machine leaves loads of connections open even after I have closed the
Explorer window or similar.  This is a major annoyance for me and I have to
use the "net use <share> /delete" command to get XP to explicitly close the

It could be that your problem is being caused at the XP end rather than the
SAMBA end...

I am using SAMBA 3.0.22 here with XP, Win2K and Win2003 in both AD and
workgroup configuration and have had no problems with SAMBA but have had
problems with Windows - especially with this "holding connections open"

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