[Samba] Export Samba mount using nfs

Luis Rodrigues luis at ess.co.at
Tue Jun 13 10:09:34 GMT 2006


I have an Lacie NAS disk attached to an Gigabit network. Since it only exports samba I mounted on one
of my gigabit Linux boxes with

smbmount //lacie/terabyte  /TERABYTE               -o defaults,username=genuser,password=genuser

Now I need to export that to all my linux boxes not on the Gigabit network using nfs.

When I try to mount   I get:
mount: old:/TERABYTE failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

Is it possible to export an smbmounted filesystem?

I saw another theread about this on the mailing list but it wasn't verry helpfull :(

Thanks in advance.

Luis Rodrigues

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