[Samba] Samba authentication fails

Mitch Pope MPope at gwail.com.au
Tue Jun 13 01:31:19 GMT 2006


I have an unusual problem and I've only found a small amount of material 
after searching for other posts on this topic.  We have a production 
server running Samba version 2.2.7a which I'm told has been working 
perfectly for many years.  Every day over the last week Samba stops 
authenticating users (via Active Directory) requesting access to shares.

Specifically another production server (Windows 2000 SP4) has scripts that 
run nightly and pull data off the Samba shares of the BSD server (mapped 
network drive to the SMB share). 

Often it will loose it's mapping to the SMB share and when attempting to 
reconnect an error is returned "connection with the server cannot be 
established, device might be in use by another application".  At this 
point nothing can connect to the SMB shares, including an XP SP2 box. 

SMBD stays running, and does not die.

Restarting smbd fixes the problem for while (1 day or so).

I've checked smbd.log and found nothing unusual.

I'd prefer not to hear that upgrading Samba is the solution, it's been 
working and nothing has changed on the OS (BSD 4.11).  Server runs some 
very old business critical services that will not run under a newer OS 

Kind Regards,
Mitch Pope

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