Ivan Ordonez iordonez at nature.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 12 15:27:42 GMT 2006

Have you try adding "lo" on the interface line of your smb.conf file?  If 
not, try adding this line.

interfaces =  eth0 lo

Hope this helps.


At 03:28 AM 6/12/2006, you wrote:
>I've installed Samba 3.0.22 on my Ubuntu Dapper release.
>I need Samba di be able to share some information with Windows XP.
>On my portable PC is installed Ubuntu and on my fix PC in installed Windows
>I need to see the infomation on my fix PC with the portable one.
>Before upgrading my Ubuntu from Breezy to Dapper I had no problem.
>Now I can't see the windows network.
>In particular, typing
>smbclient -L HOSTNAME
>after giving the password I receive the following message:
>session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
>Could someone help me?
>Many thanks,
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