[Samba] differences of links for root and unprivileged users

Jens Heidbüchel j.heidbuechel at fz-juelich.de
Fri Jun 9 08:42:04 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I'm facing problems with my newly set up samba server. I use it to export
home directories to linux clients(and also to Windows clients, but that
doesn't matter :). Unix Extensions are turned on.

Now, when I mount the share as root with no uid= and no gid= option I can
create links and they are shown correct whith `ls -l` and on the server's
file system.

When I unmount and remount it with the option "uid=user", the links look
like normal files and I am not able to create links as a user. (Operation
not permitted)

I want to use smbmount with pam_mount. Therefore (I think) I have to
mount the share as root and set uid und gid.

Can anyone give me a hint, how to create links as a normal user? I think,
most desktop environments won't come up this way.

I'm using Ubuntu Dapper Packages of samba and smbfs in version 3.0.22.

Greets, Jens.

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