[Samba] login script problem

vinayan K P samba.kp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 04:54:19 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I have just configured a samba server as PDC.  I use a login script to map
users home folder to a drive letter.  The login.bat also contains a line to
map a common folder to all users

My logon.bat is like this :

net use q: /home
net use r: \\server1\tmp

This works fine with Windows XP clients as all the users gets their home
folder mapped to Q drive and /tmp mapped to R drive.

But when the same user login from a Windows 2000 client, only the home
folder gets mapper to Q drive.  The user have to run
NET USE R: \\SERVER1\TMP  to map the drive.

If the user login from windows 98 client, then no drives get mapped at all.
The user has to run
NET USE R: \\SERVER1\TMP either as separte command or as a batch file.

Why is so and how can I fix this problem with windows 2000 and windows 98

Thanking you in advance



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