[Samba] Re: user not in group

ESSI - Billie H. Cleek bcleek at essystemsinc.com
Thu Jun 8 15:09:28 GMT 2006

I found the problem; I had two groups with the same group id.  The user
that could not connect was in one of the groups.  Problem solved.

ESSI - Billie H. Cleek wrote:
> I recently replaced a samba server with a new machine.  Version 3.0.14
> was used on the old server and is used on the new server as well.  I
> copied all of the configuration files using rsync from the old server to
> the new server.  Now I have one user that cannot access a share on the
> new server, but that could be accessed on the old server.  After much
> troubleshooting I have isolated the problem to the fact that samba on
> the new server treats the user as if it is part of a group in the
> invalid users for the share.  /etc/group does put the user in the group
> that is an invalid users.  Can anyone help?

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