[Samba] Mount Point Not Appearing

Mike mavila at shoremortgage.com
Thu Jun 8 12:02:54 GMT 2006

I have a new Samba environment on a Ubuntu 6.06 server with Apache and 
Tomcat directories. I went through all of the instructions to set up 
Kerberos and LDAP it works. However, when I go into Windows to map a network 
drive I see the server but there are no mount points.

The settings for the mount point is as follows.

force user = apache
comment = Main Web Directory
writeable = yes
valid users = root,walt,mike,eric
path = /var/www
force group = apache

I created a user and a group for apache on the Linux server as well as for 
root, walt, mike, and eric. The complete Samba smb.conf was taken from a 
server that works. My initial thought was the browser has not caught up with 
all of the mount points yet. But it has been over 24 hours and I would think 
if the server name shows up the mount points should be showing up.

Any help is appreciated.



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