[Samba] Samba client cannot join Samba Domain

David Johnson dj at david-web.co.uk
Thu Jun 8 10:44:17 GMT 2006


I have a server running Samba as a PDC and I'm using on-the-fly machine  
account creation.
This works absolutely fine with Windows clients, but I cannot get a Samba 
client to successfully join the domain.

I'm trying to join using the command 'net rpc join -Uroot', which after I've 
entered the password returns:
Error domain join verification (reused connection): NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Looking on the server, the machine account was created correctly in passwd, 
group and shadow. In secrets.tdb (I'm using tdbsam) the account is created, 
but is disabled (the same thing happens if I use smbpasswd).

A working entry for a Windows client (in smbpasswd format) looks like:
[W          ]:LCT-4487EFD8:

While the Linux machine's entry looks like:
[DW         ]:LCT-00000000:

I've tried viewing the debug output from the Samba server but I can't see 
anything useful there. Any suggestions as to what may be going wrong would be 
greatly appreciated!

My smb.conf's are here:

Thanks in advance,

David Johnson
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