[Samba] Samba server is listed as Unknown by Windows XP.

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jun 8 00:40:24 GMT 2006

> When I try to open this Samba server by clicking, I was
> asked to input the user name. I did create a user "bbb" with the
> password "bbb" on the Samba server.

Did you use 'smbpasswd' to set bbb's password first?

> However, it keeps change the user name to "AAA\bbb" and asks me to
> input the password again.

That's because you're on a domain and it expects 'bbb' to be an
account on your domain.  Try setting the username to 'SAMBA\bbb' where
'SAMBA' is the name of your Samba machine.


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