[Samba] gdm-binary[2950]: Couldn't open session

Paul Karrel pkarrel at trentu.ca
Wed Jun 7 20:17:10 GMT 2006

I need help trouble shooting using samba to authenticate login via
active directory. Here is part of system log

Jun  7 15:05:41 scenty64 pam_winbind[2950]: user 'HIDDEN\zuser' granted

Jun  7 15:05:41 scenty64 gdm(pam_unix)[2950]: session opened for user
HIDDEN\zuser by (uid=0)

Jun  7 15:05:41 scenty64 gdm-binary[2950]: Couldn't open session for

I can not find information as to what gdm-binary[2950] means or how to
fix it.

Should I send smb.conf, nsswitch.conf & system-auth??

Paul Karrel
705 2771082

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