[Samba] samba 3.0.22 on solaris9 does not start as daemon

Håkan Stefansson ste at algonet.se
Wed Jun 7 06:22:22 GMT 2006

Neil Muller wrote:
> I'm trying to start smbd (samba 3.0.22) as daemon (smbd -D
> --configfile=/etc/smb.conf) on solaris 9 sparc with current recommended
> patches but the smbd process never returns from trying to become a daemon.
> Samba was built with ldap, (heimdal) kerberos and active directory support
> using gcc 3.3.2 from sunfreeware. Solaris 9 is a new install on a development
> machine with production patches. The build was based on notes in
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2006-May/120930.html  except that the
> heimdal version is 0.7.2 and no configure patch was applied (to heimdal
> configure).
> Other software versions:
> openldap is 2.3.20
> bison-1.34-sol7-sparc-local
> m4-1.4.2-sol9-sparc-local
> make-3.80-sol9-sparc-local
> db-4.2.52.NC-sol9-sparc-local
> binutils-2.11.2-sol8-sparc-local
> flex-2.5.31-sol9-sparc-local
> Also disabled solaris 9 ld and gssapi
> samba 3.0.22 (from samba.org)
> nmbd starts and runs as a daemon without error.
> The log output from smbd -D --configfile=/etc/smb.conf and smbd -F
> --configfile=/etc/smb.conf is identical. The daemon version of the logout is
> below.
> Can anyone suggest where to look next to resolve this? The eventual objective
> is to run samba as a member server in an AD mixed mode domain.
> Thanks,
> Neil

I think you need to install libiconv (and gettext) and rebuild samba.
The libiconv that comes with Solaris does not work with samba.


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