[Samba] Sending popup message via smbclient to w2k and winxp machines

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Jun 7 03:43:48 GMT 2006

> Copy and paste each line of the script it works. If I run the script
> using bogus data from the command line it works. It is only when I
> get it to run live that it doesn't. Think I may have missed one
> point. The script is run from within another, but is passed all the
> correct variables for it to work.

What happens if you take off the redirect to /dev/null and point that
to the logfile - then if smbclient complains about anything when run
inside the script you'll see it in the logfile.

Also what happens if you change the message to "hello" with no
variables?  Just in case something odd is being substituted and causing
a problem.


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