[Samba] Maximum samba file transfer speed on gigabit...

Thomas Reiß thomas at mypoint.franken.de
Tue Jun 6 17:14:29 GMT 2006

bjquinn at seidal.com wrote:


>> Is it a kind of Locking Problem?
> Ooh, good question, I'm not sure, and I'll try your oplocks settings. 
> What exactly am I turning off, however, if I do that?  Am I turning off
> file locking altogether?
man smb.conf

Oplock's tells the Windows Client he can cache the requestet file on
local machine.
Should the Client change the File (or another Client would do this) the
Lock must released by the first Client, or Samba break's the Lock after
a certain time he doesn't become the Lock back.

When you take the Settings in your Share Section with the Database File,
then this Settings work only on this Share.

So helped this?
>> What speed have a Filetransfer with ftp?
>> What speed did you have with a Windows Server?
> Ok well along those lines, here's another thing that I've noticed since I
> first posted.  I had been getting ~940Mb/s in iperf, so I didn't think it
> was a network or NIC specific issue.  I was using "mount -t cifs" and
> "rsync -a --stats --progress" to gauge my speed, which is where I was
Sorry, i didn't understand you.
You have mounted from a different Linux Workstation this Share, or did
you mount a Share from the Windows Workstation?
> getting the <20 MB/s speed statistics.  However, copying large files
> through Windows Explorer from the Samba share results in 55-60 MB/s.  So,
> I don't know if there's a problem with rsync, smbfs, or cifs or whatever,
> but it looks like actual file transfer speeds (whether on one large file
> or an entire directory) are pretty good.  I wouldn't mind seeing closer to
> 100+ MB/s, but I guess at around 60 MB/s, that's a great start.  NOW the
> problem is that whenever I actually OPEN a file from any of the Samba
> servers, it opens MUCH slower than on a comparable Windows server.  A
> large Excel file, for example, takes 15 seconds to load instead of 6
> seconds when loaded from the Windows server.  A given FoxPro query takes
> 45-55 seconds to run over the Samba share as opposed to around 10-12
> seconds over the network from the Windows server.  Could this be related
> to the oplocks stuff you were talking about, or would this point to a
> completely different problem?  What are the downsides to turning off these
> oplocks settings?
Take a Test.
The downsite can be a slower Access to other Files in the Share (*.exe
or such).
But when the generelly Test have a good Result, the you can turn the
Locking off only for the *dbf or *xls Files.


comment = FoxPro Database
path = /path/to/database
veto oplock files = /*.dbf/ /*.xls/
>> Have you testet your Diskthrouput with bonnie (or such Tools)?
> Yes, and I'm getting at least 50-60 MB/s (probably now my bottleneck),
> although I've set up an SAS raid array that ought to get much faster than
> that, but doesn't - however that's a question for another mailing list!
And without a RAID Array, only a Simple Disk?
Maybe a Problem with the RAID Controller or your Bussystem?
What Kind of Mainboard?
What Bussystem, PCI (PCI-X should be much better for a huge Performance
in a Gigabit Environment)?
How long take a time dd count=1000000 bs=1024 if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/testfile?
> Thanks for your help!
> -BJ Quinn

Your welcome

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