Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Jun 6 17:46:27 GMT 2006


I currently have a working setup and I'm trying to move to an LDAP backend
and need an LDIF for import.
I used a samba server for authentication on the network. Im currently using
an other samba server with LDAP backend. But the samba server i previously
used contain about 500 samba users account. I would like to import those
account into my LDAP server. I dont know how  to  get  the  previous samba
account users in a LDIF file and store them in the LDAP server for a LDAP

Have you looked into the pdbedit command at all?  You can specify "from" and
"to" backends to work with, and if you copy your smbpasswd file over you can
point it at the file and tell it to export to the LDAP directly assuming you
have smb.conf set up properly.  I am going entirely off memory of when we
did our migration here since I'm not sure of the exact syntax.
Hope that little bit helps nudge you where you need to go.

 Paul Gienger a écrit : 


How to get samba users in a file in ldif format? samba 3.0.14


A little more information would be good.  Do you currently have a working

setup you are trying to move to an LDAP backend and need an LDIF for import?

Do you currently have an LDAP backend and you don't know how to get the

export?  Flesh out your issue a little more please.  



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