[Samba] Problem in cancelling print-jobs in cups-samba

d.arun321 d.arun321 at indiatimes.com
Mon Jun 5 14:39:28 GMT 2006

Hi All,
I have managed to integrate SAMBA  and CUPS on my hardware running on linux basically used as a print-server. I give print-commands from Windows PC and the printer is connected to the hardware.
I am able to get the print-jobs done.

Also, I am  able to cancel all the jobs at a time by selecting "Cancel All" from  the menu
The problem is that I am unable to control the individual jobs furthur to cancel, pause, resume etc.

I doubt that the problem lies in the SAMBA-CUPS interface.

Can anybody suggest me some solution to the above problem.
Also give me the details of the versions of SAMBA and CUPS to be integrated.


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