[Samba] SOLUTION: Slow file transfers from Samba server

Bret Holbrook bret.holbrook at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 20:43:09 GMT 2006

Here was the solution to my slow file-transfer problem from Scott.  I
coincidentally did have a HP Procurve 4000m (what are the chances), ended up
swapping out the switch and presto.  I can't believe I didn't try it
before.  Thanks again Scott.

Here are some links I researched previous to this though that may help you.


Also if you google "slow samba" there are a plethora of discussions on it:


Good luck.


I had a similar problem in the past and the problem was I locked the NIC and
I think the switch (HP Procurve 4000M I think) at 100Mb/full. Seemed like a
good idea at the time. Changing the ifconfig to auto-config and the hub as
well resolved the issue.

This is a known documented issue with the link negotiation architecture from
what I remember. There was a HP whitepaper on it.


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