[Samba] changing name of PDC

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Sun Jun 4 15:45:19 GMT 2006

The simple way to do this is to make your member server a domain 
controller. SWAT has a wizard for this.

Since you are not using LDAP however, you will have problems with 
accounts. They will not follow the promotion. I refer you to chapter 5 
of the Official Samba Howto Collection 

You may be able to get the new domain controller working by copying the 
entire directory containing your tdbsam files to your new machine. Make 
sure Samba is shut down on both machines before doing this! Afterwards, 
start up Samba only on the new server.

On the old domain controller, move (not copy) the tdbsam directory 
elsewhere. This should stop the machine from retaining its old SID. 
Next, use the SWAT wizard to demote the old domain controller to a 
domain member server.

Under no circumstances have both machines running as domain controllers 
at the same time! Either one could be picked up and the changes will not 
replicate between servers. Also, only one server should be running WINS 
at any one time.

NOTE: by not changing the machine names, you will have to adjust the 
clients (or the logon scripts) if you are moving shares from the old 
domain controller to the new one.

Good luck.

Thomas Widhalm wrote:
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> Hi,
> I currently have 2 Samba Servers on a Network. One is PDC, the other one
> is Domain Member Server.
> Now I have to switch the roles of the 2 servers without changing their
> names.
> I tried to switch configs, smbpasswd and secrets.tdb, I deleted
> browse.dat and wins.dat, but still the clients try to authenticate
> against the old server. I even removed one of them from the domain and
> inserted it back again, but while joining, it sill connects to the old one.
> I now got my Network running again by making the old server a backup
> domain controller, but I will have to remove it in the near future. Is
> there any way to get the clients to connect to the new server?
> Regards,
> Thomas
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